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182 Ward Street

North Adelaide, 5006

Ph: 8267 3544

Fax: 8239 2329


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We are an internationally recognised clinic.

Travel-Bug Vaccination Clinic is Adelaide's answer to your overseas or international travel health concerns. We have a travel doctor, a Nurse Practitioner and other trained staff who specialise in travel medicine. We have Australia's 1st Travel Health Nurse Practitioner consulting at our clinic, and we believe this is the way of the future given current government cutbacks. Travel immunisation advice is our speciality, and we are the only purely travel clinic in South Australia!

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What's New:

Adacel/Boostrix Shortage!

There is currently a shortage of Adacel/Boostrix (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough combination vaccine). Travel-Bug still has stock available and we expect to have enough until the next shipment comes in.

2015 Flu Shot Available!

Protect yourself from the flu this year. Get your flu shot at Travel-Bug, available now!


Yellow Fever Vaccination Available Here!

Going away? Thailand or Peru, Africa or Nepal, staying healthy requires you to be a smart traveller. You may also need a Yellow Fever vaccination by law. Apart from vaccines, there are many other important issues to consider. Malaria, mosquitoes, altitude sickness, travel kits, bali belly and the like. Even knowing which foods are safe is very important.

Here at the Travel-Bug Vaccination Clinic we provide friendly prompt travel health services to enable all travellers to venture to the destination of their choice with the information, vaccinations and the medications they require. In particular, we are able to provide valid documents for use in international travel (yellow fever certificate, meningitis) and up to date malaria information and medication, a range of travel kits for various levels of adventure travel and other items to prevent illness abroad.

For Flu Clinics at your worksite or for ANY other queries, please email our clinic at We do visit small workplaces, but there is a minimum fee.

Please note:
Swine flu vaccine is still incorporated into the new Flu Vaccine.


So you are not in South Australia?

All services are provided at our central location - 182 Ward Street North Adelaide, but we have affiliated clinics interstate. For a list of these go to or for your nearest Travel Medicine Alliance clinic (TMA clinic) phone 1300 42 11 42.

Phone us on (08) 8267 3544 for the fastest service regarding travel vaccination information, including prices. Please be aware that to give an exact quote is not possible on the telephone and our experts in travel medicine should consult with you in person so that you get the best advice and service possible.

Refunds are available from most private health funds. The amount will vary depending on the type of cover you have. Our staff will provide you with the appropriate itemised receipts.

Careful reading of the information contained in this website will answer almost every question you might have, but it is complex information. Our specialists will be able to work out what you need precisely at your appointment, and give you the vaccines on the same day! If you are a little afraid of needles, our nurses, who do this every day and literally have given thousands, will make the experience as close to a non issue as possible. Believe it or not, most vaccinees are surprised at the level of discomfort (on the upside!).

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